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more_you_know.jpgOften enough, I get visitors that read a post or two of mine and then leave a comment that they think is going to change my mind about all this atheism business. Sitting in my comments list, I routinely find nicely formatted arguments that invariably end with “Therefore, God must exist.”

Now let’s think about this for a moment. I run a website dedicated (mostly) to atheism and secular humanism. It stands to reason that I’ve done a fair bit of research about the things that I believe. I’m not just some “Sunday Atheist,” passively not believing in God. And I have no reason to cling to my ideas if I change my mind about their validity. In fact, a little over a year ago, I stopped eating meat. Previously an avid omnivore, I chronicled my decision and the reasons for my new-found vegetarianism on this blog. Clearly, I’m capable of admitting when I’m wrong about something when new information presents itself.

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One of the most common theist arguments is the Argument from Design (or the Teleological Argument). I’ve discussed it before, but here’s a quick recap:

The world exhibits elements of design, therefore it must be designed, therefore it must have a designer.

The most basic refutation to this is that if there was a designer, he/she/it would also exhibit elements of design and would, by the same logic, be in dire need of a designer.

John Varley’s 1981 book Wizard takes an interesting approach to the issue.

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Blaise Pascal.  Mathemetician to the stars.You’ve probably heard of Pascal’s Wager before, even if you didn’t know that it had a name. Blaise Pascal was this French fellow, alive in the 17th century, and he thought he’d come up with the ultimate answer for the question of God’s existence.

Pascal decided that the existence of God could neither be proven nor disproven using reason and logic, but that if you were a betting man, you should bet that God exists.

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Incredulous towards metanarrativesCaution! This is an article about postmodernism. Lots of people don’t like postmodernism, and even more people don’t really understand it. It’s ok, I don’t really understand all of it myself, so maybe you and I aren’t too different when it comes to that sort of thing.

What I do know about postmodernism is summed up nicely by William Gibson, who thoughtfully penned the words that would eventually become the title of my blog. In the same book, he also wrote:

“Aerol tells you it happened, well, it happened to him. It’s not like bullshit, more like poetry. Get it?” (Neuromancer, page 106 in my edition) Read the rest of this entry »


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