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I’m convinced that Lil Wayne is party to some kind of dark sorcery occurring in the suburban sound systems of America’s mini vans, rendering Lollipop not only listenable but actually enjoyable.

Lil Wayne

From what I understand, his popularity comes from allegedly delicious punning, but I’m sorry if confusing “rapper” and “wrapper” with salacious results doesn’t strike me as a particularly high minded lyrical achievement.

And let’s not even get started on the whole Prom Queen debacle.

This being said, here are three current hip hop artists putting out wicked material — all of them more worthy of accolade than Lil Wayne and his vocoder riddled trash.

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Sam Harris, author of Letter to a Christian Nation and End of Faith argues that we need to stop treating faith as an untouchable subject.  Just as we expect people to defend their political beliefs, we should also expect them to defend their religious beliefs.  Simply answering, “It’s just what I believe,” should not entitle anyone to a lack of critical inquiry.

I know that the host cut the debate short, but I think Hewitt skirted the final issue by simply telling Harris his ideas weren’t new.  This may be true, but doesn’t address the actual point Harris was making.


For a moment, let’s put aside the issue of whether or not file sharing is right or wrong.

Whether or not file sharing is morally permissible, it’s here and it’s not going any where. If the rest of the world learns nothing else from the internet, they should at least take home the following truism: The internet will always do whatever the internet wants.

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I don’t watch a lot of television, but whenever I catch the beginning of Law & Order, even if I’m in the other room, I can’t help but finish the episode.

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One of the most common theist arguments is the Argument from Design (or the Teleological Argument). I’ve discussed it before, but here’s a quick recap:

The world exhibits elements of design, therefore it must be designed, therefore it must have a designer.

The most basic refutation to this is that if there was a designer, he/she/it would also exhibit elements of design and would, by the same logic, be in dire need of a designer.

John Varley’s 1981 book Wizard takes an interesting approach to the issue.

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I’m not the kind of guy who falls for those super-obvious identity theft scams. I live online, I work in IT and I don’t really like sports. I’m pretty careful when it comes plugging my credit card into the internet.

But last month, when I was stuck for rail tickets in Europe, I thought I’d slipped up. Turns out, it was just a “security feature.” Read the rest of this entry »

This Sunday’s post is late, and short.  But if you missed my post earlier this week, A Response to College Christian, you should check it out and join in on the ongoing commentary.

Mario Kart Wii dropped rather quietly a few weeks ago, in the shadow of GTA 4.  I hadn’t been hearing much about it, positive or negative, so I wasn’t clamoring to grab a copy.  When I finally got around to giving it a go this weekend, the experience was underwhelming.  Really?  It’s been 5 years since Double Dash and this is all you’ve got for me?

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