There’s really just the one author here: Derek. That’s not to say he’s a particularly good author. He does, however, fancy himself a bit of a writer and thanks to the democratizing power of the internet he now has a soapbox on which to stand.

Derek is currently living in Vancouver, BC, where he writes, works and plays.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Unversity of British Columbia (UBC), majoring in English Literature. This means that when Derek is introduced at social functions, he is always faced with questions like, Who’s your favourite author? or What’s your favourite book? The sad fact of the matter is that Derek isn’t especially passionate about the classics, he couldn’t rattle off a poem to save his life, and there’s always a tinge of disappointment when it’s revealed that his favourite authors are both accessible and contemporary.

Sometimes he goes by the name “Icarus” online. This is both pretentious and pragmatic. There are a lot of Dereks out there, and a unique screen name is hard to come by. Usually some combination of “Icarus” and numbers is good enough.

In any case, here are some vitals.

Age: 23
Home town: North Delta, BC
Current town: Vancouver, BC
Favourite Authors: Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Palahniuk, Tennessee Williams
Favourite Musicians: CAKE, Warren Zevon, Deadly Snakes
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Drink: Gin

But of course, please realize that while the above vitals aren’t untrue per se, they have been specifically chosen to present a certain type of person. It’s valid right now, for sure, but I reserve the right to change everything above for absolutely no reason at all – and then to deny that it was ever there in the first place.