I received a comment today on one of my old posts, “Wait a second, are we positive Crocoducks don’t exist?” from a Christian blogger named Justin, who writes at Life of a Christian College Student. I found his comment troubling and began writing a response, but after perusing his blog, I decided to address it directly in a new post. I will deal with his specific comment at the end of all this.

Life of a Christian College Student is the type of blog that bothers me. Not because its arguments for God are so powerful that they leave me fearing for my (after)life, but because its content is openly and proudly ignorant.

In his post, “I am NOT open minded,” Justin espouses a number of “truths” that he believes are not open for discussion. Among them are (abridged):

  • Genesis is correct
  • Jesus taught intolerance practiced rightly.
  • God loves; therefore he must hates.
  • God loves me; therefore I love him – therefore I must also hate.

On top of some of the clear and present problems with these statements, (when did love and mercy get replaced by hate?), there is also the problem of trying to have a discussion with someone that says you won’t change their mind, no matter what.

On the other hand, I welcome discussion. I am confident in my beliefs, but I am also open to the possibility that I could be wrong about anything I say.

I have nothing to gain from being an atheist. No one pays me to write this blog (in fact I lose money on it!), my day job doesn’t depend on my belief structure, and none of my friends or family would disown me if I found religion. I am an atheist because I’ve read many convincing arguments to be one. And none to not be one.

Life of a College Christian is full of other little niggles that make it difficult to read, like Justin’s “rules” which request that people “refrain from posting links to non-Christian websites” (I suppose he won’t be linking back to this article…), and his highly moderated commenting system — which effectively makes his website an echo chamber.

Again, I’d like to point out that even though I’m a relatively aggressive atheist, I openly encourage theists to discuss in my comments section, and have NEVER deleted a comment, even ones that are openly hostile to my positions.

I highly recommend you check out his blog at http://collegechristian.wordpress.com/, and treat it as an example of how to stifle conversation. But then, make sure to read other Christian blogs that at the very least allow, or even encourage, discussion and debate.

But finally, we get to Justin’s original comment:

Creation proves the creator. See Romans 1:20. Furthermore, your conscience proves the Creator. See needGod.com

My response?
First off, I don’t respond well to Biblical proofs – especially those that don’t prove anything. His verse reads, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” (Rom1:20, NIV). This verse essentially suggest that since something exists, we can come to no other conclusion than “The God of Christianity created it.” The logic here is painful, and is addressed by any number of Atheism 101 type books, as well as other articles on this site, and elsewhere.

As for his second suggestion — that I visit needGod.com — I did. And I found it largely unhelpful. The site is simply a questionnaire that takes a roundabout route of telling me that I am a sinner by Christian standards, and that I will go to hell unless I accept Christ. Oh, and also, hell will be unpleasant. It offered no arguments whatsoever, just took for granted that I believe in God, hell, and everything else.

But, unlike Justin, I’d like to invite him (and anyone else that would like to weigh in on the matter) to comment in the section below, where we can hopefully have a lively (but polite!) discussion. Feel free to post links, atheist or theist, that support your position.

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